The Latest Brabus S-Class Is a Hybrid With 930 HP

2 months, 1 week ago - 18 March 2024, Motor1
The Latest Brabus S-Class Is a Hybrid With 930 HP
For when the 791-horsepower Mercedes-AMG S63 isn't enough, there's Brabus.

For most, 791 horsepower is enough. But for some, "enough" is never enough. And for them, there's Brabus. The famous German tuner has just unveiled the 930 S, based on the new Mercedes-AMG S63 E-Performance, and which as the name suggests, makes 930 hp.

Nine-hundred thirty horsepower in a giant luxury sedan. Absurdity. And that's not accounting for the 1113.7 pound-feet of torque. Brabus bumps the 4.0-liter AMG V-8 from 603 to 740 hp with new turbochargers, new exhaust, and a corresponding tune. The 190-hp electric motor mounted at the rear axle is left as-is. Brabus says that the 930 runs from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds and on to a limited 180-mph top speed. Amazingly, the drivetrain is warrantied by Brabus for three years or 62,000 miles. 

Inside and out there are the usual Brabus visual tweaks. Lots of carbon fiber and 22-inch monoblock wheels highlight the exterior tweaks, while inside, there's all the quilted leather a person could ever ask for. Brabus sent out pictures of one interior trimmed exclusively in light blue leather and microfiber, and it's something else.

Brabus also made tweaks to the suspension to lower the ride height in certain drive modes and fit 265/35ZR22 front and 295/30ZR22 rear tires. It still weighs a ton. Almost three, in fact. Brabus says 5,730 pounds.

Yet because of the electric motor and 6-kWh AMG battery at the back, the Brabus 930 can return good fuel economy, an amazing claimed 53.5 mpg. Though you'll only hit those figures if you're very judicious about when you decide to use all 930 hp.

Brabus charges €405,000 for all this, which is about $441,000 at the time of writing. Not cheap, but power and exclusivity generally aren't.

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