Mercedes G500 4x4² Landaulet Is Supreme Opulence

5 years, 8 months ago - 30 August 2018, Motor1
Mercedes G500 4x4² Landaulet Is Supreme Opulence
Before losing its roof, this G-Class stopped by Brabus for some upgrades.

It's safe to say the G-Class has been an interesting vehicle ever since its inception at the end of the 1970s. Throughout the years, a plethora of derivatives were launched, but the more recent ones are perhaps the craziest. There was the downright bonkers G63 6x6 and it went on to spawn a more docile G500 4x42. Serving as a last hurrah for the W463 series, the opulent G650 Landaulet badged as a Mercedes-Maybach  was a more luxurious take on the G-Class recipe.

This heavily customized G is what happens when you merge a Brabus-tuned G500 4x42 with the Landaulet. While it may not be nearly as fancy as the original Maybach model, it's still a sight to behold. The team behind this project did more than simply chop off the SUV's roof. For example, custom-made fully electric and reclining rear seats were installed further back to free up more legroom compared to the standard model while retaining the standard wheelbase.

While the genuine Landaulet was significantly stretched between the two axles and got the seats of an S-Class, this G500 4x42 has the standard wheelbase and very little cargo space since the custom seats have been pushed towards the rear. A new carpet had to be installed, along with a reworked headliner, new side paneling, and a lot of Alcantara.

It took about six months to complete the transformation, and while there's no soft top for the time being, a clip-on fabric roof might be added later on should the vehicle's owner want it. For now, he's having a lot of fun with his modified G-Class.

As you may recall, this is not the only G500 4x42 to lose its roof taking into account professional skier Jon Olsson also transformed his high-riding G into a convertible, adding marine-grade teak decking in the back while chopping off the side and rear pillars.

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