Hartmann Custom Mercedes Sprinter Makes Efficient Use Of Space

7 years ago - 27 April 2017, Motor1
Hartmann Custom Mercedes Sprinter Makes Efficient Use Of Space
With lots of aluminum and steel inside, this Benz can be configured for both work and play.

Remember when conversion vans meant window drapes and mini blinds, with wood trim on everything and velour captain's chairs that almost always came in some ugly shade of green? We'll give credit to Hartmann Tuning for taking that concept in a decidedly different direction with the Vansports Camper Sprinter, though we're not entirely sure weekend vacationers are looking for the kind of steel-and-aluminum interior ambiance you often find in upfitted cargo vans.

Hartmann starts with a high-roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 Kombi. Outside, the company adds a front spoiler, side sills, a rear apron and a set of alloy wheels finished in anthracite-gray metallic. Considering the entire van is finished in black with dark tinted windows, there's a definite CIA surveillance theme happening here.

As you would expect, most of the transformation takes place inside. The roof and walls receive special treatment for noise reduction, with a modular aluminum floor installed to secure seats and other furnishings. The neat thing about this is that all equipment inside can be removed relatively easily, converting the Vansports Camper Sprinter into a cargo van with an aluminum rear floor. Perhaps the aforementioned look isn't so out-of-place after all.

The furnishings include side cabinets that feature a sink, a double-burner stove, a mini fridge, folding table, and two (yes two) folding beds that are arranged lengthwise and encompass a good chunk of the interior when set up. Leather adorns all the seating surfaces, a roof-mounted air conditioner keeps things cool, the interior is festooned with LED lighting, and naturally there's an external plug for hooking up to campground power

Sometimes these tuning companies can get a bit out of control on styling, but we rather dig Hartmann's posh weekend camper that can also double as a work van.

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