Mercedes Sprinter By Carlex Is A Luxury Office For The Road

5 years, 9 months ago - 3 May 2017, Motor1
Mercedes Sprinter By Carlex
Mercedes Sprinter By Carlex
Luxury motoring goes dark with this sinister looking Sprinter.

We have to hand it to Mercedes. In developing the Sprinter, the manufacturer has opened the door for all kinds of custom applications and creative interpretations of the model from aftermarket entities. The latest take on Sprinter life comes from Carlex Design, a company best-known for exquisite custom interiors. Considering the copious amount of interior space available in a typical Sprinter, there should be plenty of room for the folks at Carlex to get creative.

The result is the Carlex Design Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van, named not because it fast. In fact, Carlex doesn't touch the mechanicals of this particular machine. If anything, the exterior body kit and add-on gold wheels might slow the mighty Merc ever-so-slightly, but considering the interior looks like the first-class cabin on a 747 made of gold, we wouldn't mind the extra travel time.

Carlex goes with a dark interior theme, using a combination of leather and Alcantra swathed in black and gray to set the mood. Accenting the blackness is plenty of yellow stitching, wood inlay, and straight-up gold – in this case 24-karat gold plating on the cup holders, rim of the minibar (yes, minibar), and side panel covers. We can see people finding this combination a bit garish; replacing the yellow trim running the length of the windows with something darker would be an improvement, but it's a minor critique in what looks to be a fabulous way to travel.

And that's just the ambience. On the technology side there are two 3D screens – one 40 inches and one 21 inches – that transmit images from cameras inside and outside the Sprinter. There are two multimedia stations with 10-inch tablets that control everything from the air conditioning to window sun shades, LED lighting, 7-way seat adjustments, the audio system, and all other electrical systems.

At this point there are many, many custom Sprinters to choose from but we applaud the effort Carlex has invested in their Sprinter interpretation. We don't have pricing for this made-to-order luxury hauler, but it's safe to say such travel doesn't come cheap.

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