Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gets Widebody Kit From German Tuner

5 years, 4 months ago - 13 July 2017, Motor1
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Gets Widebody Kit From German Tuner
Make your work van looks track ready by installing a set of swollen fenders.

Famed Mercedes-Benz tuner Lorinser has turned its attention to the Sprinter to create a very stylish hauler. The company can even work with clients to personalize the interior to match the wilder exterior, including adding custom floor mats and leather upholstery.

Lorinser's body kit overhauls the van's styling. There's now a two-tier front fascia that's rather striking to a polarizing extent. LED running lights add an extra flair to the model's face, too. Customers can choose between a grille with the Mercedes-Benz star or a version with the Lorinser crest.

The tuned Sprinter also gains fender flares at both ends, and the company tries to fill out the wells with 18-inch diameter, 8-inch wide split-spoke wheels that sell for 714 euros ($815 as current exchanges rates) each. Side skirts connect the broader pieces.

Lorinser also fits a new rear bumper with diagonal openings for the firm's exhaust. A simulated diffuser sits in the middle.

The whole kit sells for 10,279 euros ($11,740) with the Mercedes grille or 10,719 euros ($12,244) for the version with the Lorinser crest. Customers can also order the parts individually.

The Sprinter is a fairly common platform for aftermarket overhauls. Companies offer wild transformations like a wooden camper body and a high-end mobile work vehicle. In addition, several companies have transformed them into executive transports. A German firm even converted one into a bank on wheels.

Mercedes currently has the next-generation Sprinter under development. The most recent spy photos reveal that it takes cues from the Vision Van Concept. The design looks quite smooth and futuristic. The large windshield should allow for great outward visibility and ample headroom, too.

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