Brabus reveals modified Mercedes-Benz EQS with increased range

1 year, 8 months ago - 14 August 2022, autocar
Brabus reveals modified Mercedes-Benz EQS with increased range
German tuning firm’s aggressive bodykit for the new electric limousine reduces its drag coefficient by 7.2%

Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus has revealed a series of aerodynamic enhancements for the already-slippery Mercedes-Benz EQS that extend its range by 7% (32 miles in 450+ specification).

Front-end modifications include the addition of a carbonfibre spoiler to reduce drag and high-speed lift, thereby improving stability.

Carbonfibre trim features on the front bumper's intakes to redirect air towards the radiators and brakes.

A subtle wind deflector features at the aperture of each rear wheel arch to tidy the airflow through the rear diffuser and spoiler.

According to Brabus, the revised boot lip reduces drag by up to 40%.

A lowering kit for the air suspension is also offered, reducing the ride height by up to 15mm at the front and 25mm at the rear for Formula 1-esque rake.

The standard EQS 450+, which costs £102,160, features a 328bhp electric motor and a 107.8kWh battery that provides a range of up to 464 miles.

Brabus hasn't quoted a price for its work, which is available upon customer request.

As well as range-increasing tweaks, the firm has expanded its range of wheels with the 10-spoke Monoblock Z design. This is “tailor-made for the wheel wells of the EQS” and replaces the 20in five-spokes on the standard AMG Line car.

Brabus can also reupholster the EQS's interior in leather.

The firm has been fettling EVs since 2008, when it revealed a cosmetically altered version of the Tesla Roadster.

More recently, it lent its name to a package for the Smart EQ Fortwo that included sportier bodywork, heated seats and interior touches including velour floor mats.

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