This Posh Mercedes Sprinter Has Its Own Bathroom And Kitchen

5 years, 6 months ago - 19 September 2018, Motor1
This Posh Mercedes Sprinter Has Its Own Bathroom And Kitchen
It's called The Presidential, and it's how the one-percenters go camping.

Ultimate Toys is a company where its products are certainly befitting to the name. Consider this very black Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – a vehicle we are well acquainted with when it comes to luxurious aftermarket upfits. We've seen the Sprinter configured as everything from a full-on work vehicle to a sweet private jet for the road. This version is called The Presidential, presumably for its luxurious interior appointments and Secret-Service-approved shade of black on the outside.

So, what all makes this van special? Ultimate Toys bills it as either a mobile office for high-powered executives or a snazzy home-away-from-home for high-powered families. Aside from the plethora of leather, The Presidential offers accommodations for 10 adults with three rows of seating. The rearmost seats can fold out to make a bed for power naps between meetings, or for catching some overnight sleep on a weekend family adventure. It's got a kick-butt stereo system, lots of trick lighting, and of course there's a flat-screen television that can connect to pretty much anything – be it a work laptop for a PowerPoint presentation or Netflix for cartoons.

Such capability is impressive, but certainly not unique in the realm of luxury transportation. The Presidential does, however, offer something virtually impossible to find in this size class – a bathroom. Nestled in back and accessible either from the cabin or through the rear doors, the facilities also include a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, dorm-sized refrigerator, and a fair amount of storage space. For buyers not interested in such things, Ultimate Toys can swap out the throne for even more storage. That's not bad for something just a bit larger than a full-size van. This nifty 360-degree virtual tour pretty much says it all.

Of course, such a machine coming from a company called Ultimate Toys isn't exactly cheap. We don't have specific pricing, but the video above mentions a cost of "sometimes below $135,000" once discounts are applied. Then again, you are getting a decked-out Mercedes-Benz  with its own toilet and enough interior space for a summit meeting, all in a package that can still be easily driven around town. It's definitely cool, and for those who prefer the finer things in life, it could well be the family truckster of choice.

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