Suzuki Swift Sport vs. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Drag Race Requires a Lot of Cheating

3 years, 8 months ago - 2 January 2020, Autoblog
Suzuki Swift Sport vs. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Drag Race Requires a Lot of Cheating
Drag races normally feature two like-minded cars, usually of the German variety.

Even the stranger ones, like an RS4 versus a BMW X3 M, have a point. However, that's not the case when you put a Suzuki Swift Sport against a Mercedes-AMG GT63 S.

About the only thing the Swift does better is... being yellow. The baby hot hatch is tiny, nimble and, above all else, cheap. You can finance one of these even if you're a student.

We've always loved the Swift Sport, ever since it was launched in 2006. This latest generation is a car of its time, available as a 5-door instead of a 3-door, with fake carbon all over its body and a downsized engine.

The stuff under the hood has gone from a 1.6L to a 1.4L. But fear not, because due to the magic of turbocharging it makes 140 hp and significantly more torque than before. A weight of just under a metric ton is something else we like about the Japanese rocket.

However, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S is in a completely different league. The pinnacle of four-door Mercedes design and engineering sports a 4-liter bi-turbo V8 with 4.5 times the power of the Swift. Thanks to AWD, it's quick off the line, completely negating the doubling of the Suzuki's weight.

But under what conditions does a Swift Sport stand a chance here? Well, South African magazine CAR decided to give it a heck of a head start. The Swift is going full speed on the track and only when it passes the AMG does the German car leave the line. Is this enough? We'll let you watch the video and find out.

If you're left win an appetite for unfair drag races, we'd like to point out the one where the Mercedes-AMG GT R is in reverse against a Renault Twizy EV.

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