Mercedes GLK / GLC Sales Hit One Million Since 2008 Launch

6 years, 10 months ago - 22 August 2017, Motor1
Mercedes GLK / GLC Sales Hit One Million Since 2008 Launch
China has been a driving force behind the crossover's success.

Mercedes' crossover started out in life as the GLK in 2008 before switching to the GLC moniker for its second generation launched in 2015. Now, the premium compact crossover carrying the three-pointed star badge has reached an important sales milestone after more than one million units delivered. It's by far the most popular CUV in the company's current range and demand keeps on going considering more units of the GLC were sold in the first half of 2017 than ever before during the January – June interval.

China is a huge market for the GLC taking into account about half of the total deliveries take place in the People's Republic where two out of three GLC buyers are under the age of 40. Another important market for the crossover would have to be the United States where almost half of the buyers are women. Other countries where the model is a sales hit include homeland Germany, as well as United Kingdom and France.

Production take places at three different factories: Bremen in Germany (from 2008), Beijing in China (from 2015), and in Finland (from 2017). At the factory in Deutschland, Mercedes also puts together the "coupe" version together with the heavily related C-Class in sedan and wagon body styles.

Thanks to a plethora of customization options, dozens of colors, trim choices, and nine different engines, Mercedes is confident to report there aren't two GLCs alike on the road today. The extensive lineup caters a wide array of customer tastes, including those valuing efficiency by opting for the GLC 350e 4Matic while at the top of the range sits the GLC 63 for those with a thirst for AMG V8 power.

If you're wondering about the origins of the crossover's moniker, the "G" is a nod to Mercedes' legendary G-Class; the "L" represents luxury, and the "C" showcases its connection to the C-Class.

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