Mercedes files trademarks for new naming scheme

5 years, 9 months ago - 2 February 2018, Autoblog
Mercedes files trademarks for new naming scheme
"You see, you can tell the difference between a regular Mercedes and an AMG model because the Benz has three numbers with a zero on the end, while the AMG has only two numbers and no zero."

That simple equation has made it easy to help people tell regular Benzes apart from their amped up brethren (and from the fake AMG-badged poseurs running around). Alas, it looks like that might be coming to an end. AutoGuide has spotted that Mercedes has trademarked a new naming convention in Canada and other markets.

Essentially, regular-series Mercedes will continue to end in a zero, but there will only be two numbers. AMG will also have two numbers, but those will all end in "3." Applications include A 40, CLA 40, SLC 40, SLC 50 and GLE 50 in Canada, along with CLA 53, G73 and S73. Yes, "73," which would be the new range-topper, probably with AMG's new performance hybrid powertrain.

It's important to keep two things in mind. First, Mercedes models are now specified as -Benz, -AMG and -Maybach, meaning you'd be looking at a Mercedes-Benz CLA 40 and Mercedes-AMG CLA 53, for instance. And second, having three numbers no longer serves a purpose since those numbers no longer correspond with engine output in any way.

There's no such evidence of a similar application made in the United States, but if this is the way of the Benz future, it's hard to imagine Mercedes doing something different here (although Audi is doing just that).

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