Mercedes-Benz EQB caught testing as electric GLB

4 years, 5 months ago - 5 April 2019, Autoblog
Mercedes-Benz EQB caught testing as electric GLB
It could have over 300 miles of range

We've seen the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLB in spy shots before, and earlier this week, we even saw an official interior teaser ahead of the ute's debut at Auto Shanghai 2019. We love its boxy proportions and that it looks both fun and practical to drive, but a new set of spy photos gives us yet another reason to love it: an all-electric powertrain.

The giveaway here is the "Electric" sticker on the windshield, warning potential first responders of a high-voltage risk. Our spy shooter cites info from "factory insiders" giving the EQB a driving range of up to 310 miles on a single charge, though European range testing, even on the new WLTP cycle, is fairly generous compared to how the EPA rates range here in the U.S. Still, this should have a useable range that rivals pretty much anything on the road today.

When it comes to nomenclature, this would likely end up being called the EQB, to follow the EQC in Mercedes-Benz's new all-electric lineup. The eventual look of the EQB could get more of its own styling to distinguish it from the internal-combustion versions of the GLB. Those aforementioned factory insiders say it'll be more aerodynamic than the GLB it's based on. We wouldn't be surprised if that meant smoothing out the sheet metal hidden under this camouflage, but we hope it still keeps a fair share of its boxy cuteness.

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