Mercedes-Benz Dealership In 1:18 Scale Looks Like The Real Thing

1 year, 4 months ago - 9 January 2023, Motor1
Mercedes-Benz Dealership In 1:18 Scale Looks Like The Real Thing
It includes a lounge with modern furniture, flat-screen TV, wall art, and hardwood floors.

Scale models take on a life of their own. The realism comes from the imagination of the modeler and their skill at creating intricately detailed miniatures. The models, and their settings, can be wild and fanciful, accurate recreations of historical events, or as in the case of this 1:18 scale dealership, a realistic depiction of everyday life. 

Created and filmed by Nishchay Sharma on his Miniature Automobiles YouTube channel, the video presents a diorama of a Mercedes-Benz dealership. The full lineup of cars and SUVs, including Maybach models, are unboxed and arranged inside and outside the building. You can almost imagine pulling up into the lot to look at a new E-Class sedan or EQS. 

All the vehicles are incredibly detailed and lifelike, down to the gauges and wood trim in the interiors. Paint that shines like it just received a coat of wax. The top-shelf quality of the 1:18 scale models brings an incredible level of realism to the setting.

Then a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van pulls up, and the driver unloads boxes and furniture. That's when you notice the inside of the dealership is as detailed as the cars. Canister lights and backlighting bathe the interior in a warm glow. Framed posters of different models hang on the walls. Rugs adorn the floors, which include hardwood in the lounge. As for the lounge itself, it's furnished with modern, black leather furniture and a flat-screen TV. You can almost picture someone watching bad daytime TV or reading emails on their laptop while they wait for an oil change.

To the uninitiated, scale models and die-cast cars are expensive toys for grownups. But for the modeling enthusiast, the models and the settings they inhabit are an art form. Whether it's a Hot Wheels diorama made from scratch or a diecast model of an Audi RS7 that's realistic down to the lights, there's a lot to appreciate. For people who love cars, it's a popular form of entertainment. So much, in fact, that even auto manufacturers like Hyundai are getting in on the action.

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