Mercedes-AMG G 63 4x4 Squared Has a ‘Hint’ of Brabus, Enjoys Its Natural Habitat on RDBs

1 year, 3 months ago - 8 February 2023, autoevolution
Mercedes-AMG G 63 4x4 Squared Has a ‘Hint’ of Brabus, Enjoys Its Natural Habitat on RDBs
Going against the norm is quite hard to do, these days – even though we may be living under the impression that we can innovate at the breath of a whim. But the truth is most people just recycle or upcycle what others do.

Unfortunately, that applies to the automotive business, as well. No matter how much some people try to stand out in a crowd, now everything is about crossovers, SUVs, and trucks – rather than old-fashioned passenger cars. And while there is ample choice, the stratosphere of ultra-luxury builds is – as they say – truly rarefied.

But let me give you an example, as there is no need to take our word for granted. Aston Martin DBX707, Lamborghini Urus (now also S and Performante), Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and the 715-hp Ferrari Purosangue, or the 738-hp BMW XM Label Red. These are (mostly) the choices at the summit of the ultra-luxury super-SUV game. Just beneath it, there is a plateau of many other options – like Range Rover, Caddy Escalade, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Lexus LX – that rarely rise to the occasion of being seen as counterparts of $500k+ vehicles.

No worries, though, as Mercedes has recently found a solution – they quite literally lifted the Mercedes-AMG G 63 to the 4x4 Squared lifestyle and from there they aim to dominate the crossover-SUV-based ultra-ritzy competition. Alas, of course, many people still treat the newly minted monster like a mall crawler. Not the good folks over at Hollywood, California-based RDB LA, though. They have yet another YouTube vlog episode out, and we need to be quick to address the cool novelties because they are pretty stunning, indeed.

First and foremost, the team has just taken delivery of a yellow-and-carbon-fiber Lambo Urus Performante and after everyone circled the new apparition they decided to try and make it the first widebody transformation in the world. Until they manage to do that and beat so many other affluent and well-known aftermarket outlets (like Platinum Motorsport Group, if you need a Kim K-approved example), they also wrapped the morphing of a Mercedes-AMG G 63 4x4 Squared into a true beast of an off-roader.

Dressed in as much black as possible without calling it a murdered-out SUV (mainly due to the RDB Wheels, of course), the G 63 4x4 Squared is not a Mercedes-AMG anymore but rather a one-of-a-kind, unique Brabus that was fitted with as many mods possible – including the “carbon hood scoop and Brabus Widestar front bumper that is not even made for this car!” Instead, they quickly custom-fabricated it and now fits like a dark and menacing, heavily lifted charm. In the end, they also went out of their way (and outside the city) to bring it into a G’s natural element – even when riding on those brushed Aerodisc-style monoblock RDB 'Zero' wheels!

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