Tuner Turns the Mercedes-AMG G 63 Into a Real-Life Hulk, Calls It the Evolution Kit

1 year ago - 9 May 2023, autoevolution
Tuner Turns the Mercedes-AMG G 63 Into a Real-Life Hulk, Calls It the Evolution Kit
Tuners can't have enough modified Mercedes-AMG G 63 premium trucks in their portfolios, so new ones pop up constantly.

Most of the time, we've already seen similar conversions, but there is something very special about the pictured one that made us want to share it with you.

Bearing the signature of Hofele Design, a German tuner specialized in bringing out the beast within various machines (mostly Mercedes vehicles), it features a very Hulk-y finish – unless that's a wrap. Some might say it's green with envy for not getting a power boost alongside the special body kit, but that may not be entirely true.

It has tweaked bumpers with add-ons to the side intakes up front and the outer sections at the rear, a modified grille that now holds the tuner's emblem in the middle instead of the three-pointed star's corporate logo, fender flares, and side skirts that appear to be a bit chunkier than the OEM ones. Hofele also gave it a custom spare wheel holder attached to the tailgate and a set of Y-spoke alloys with new center caps.

Opening the door on each side reveals the Hofele entry sills. The tuner's logo is visible on other parts of the interior, and this G 63 sports additional carbon fiber trim. The upholstery is reminiscent of the colorful exterior, with a few green accents surrounding the MBUX displays and visible on the seats, seatbelts, steering wheel, and air vents. The starry sky headliner contributes to the special mood at night, and those sitting at the rear can stare at the two displays attached to the back end of the front seats that are part of the multimedia system. A combination of leather and suede was applied to most touchable surfaces for an even more premium feel.

An HG 800 engine cover can be seen under the hood, which could suggest that we are looking at slightly more power. However, Hofele hasn't released any performance numbers whatsoever, and we couldn’t find anything about a potential power boost online either. Still, even if it hasn't had its V8 massaged in any way, that doesn't mean that it's a slough. A regular Mercedes-AMG G 63 from the latest iteration is already very potent without any mods, with its bi-turbo 4.0-liter engine producing 577 hp (585 ps/430 kW). The torque stands at 627 lb-ft (850 Nm), and for something big and heavy that appears to have been shaped using an axe, it is very fast in a straight line. The zero to 62 mph (0-100 kph) acceleration is a 4.5-second affair, and flat-out, it can do 137 mph or 220 kph, which is far more than what can be achieved on most public roads.

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