Mansory's Tuned BMW XM Proves Two Negatives Cancel Each Other

4 months, 2 weeks ago - 10 January 2024, autoevolution
Mansory's Tuned BMW XM Proves Two Negatives Cancel Each Other
Even though it has been around for over one year, only a few tuners have aftermarket components for the BMW XM on their shelves. You can blame it on its controversial look, if you may, yet that's the truth, and between us, the super crossover doesn't seem that tuner-friendly, does it?

Now, while most big names within this game have refrained from adding it to their portfolios, Mansory has seen it as a challenge. And why wouldn't they? After all, they're known for ruining the looks of some of the most expensive modern-day machines ever made, regardless if they came from Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Bugatti.

Mind you, one might expect a BMW XM bearing this company's signature to be on the exaggerated side of things, but basic maths says two negatives cancel each other. Thus, the controversial look of the Bavarian firm's high-riding vehicle and Mansory's usual unorthodox approach have made the car a bit more appealing than the standard one. Thus, we've got to hand it to the tuner for pulling off an interesting project, having started with an ugly ride.

Said to have been built on request, this BMW XM features a custom body kit that was equipped to this example in a premiere. The front bumper is the OEM one, yet it has received multiple attachments around the numerous vents and an integrated apron-like piece at the lower end. Mansory also revised the grille surround and gave it a new hood that is more aggressive than the standard component.

If you look further back, you will see new trim on the wheel arches that makes the whole car a bit wider than the stock one and matching add-ons on the side skirts and lower parts of the doors. The side mirror casings came from the aftermarket world. At the rear, the tuner retained the stacked exhaust pipe layout and fitted it with a new diffuser that has a sportier appearance. We can also see a tailgate-mounted spoiler and a large wing on the roof.

As it's become traditional to Mansory, every add-on has a forged carbon look to provide some contrast to the otherwise appealing green paint finish (unless it's a wrap) of the exterior. Moreover, this BMW XM also has a chrome-delete package and a few other things that become visible when zooming in on certain images. A bit larger than the stock ones, the Y-spoke alloys, with their dark appearance, contribute to the makeover.

From what we can tell, the ground clearance is about the same, so that means the tuner hasn't revised the suspension. Moreover, since they haven't said anything about the oily bits, we won't either, yet we will assume the powertrain has remained stock.

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