EcoBoost-Engined Ford Focus ST Now Available With Mountune m330 Power Upgrade

3 years, 8 months ago - 24 March 2020, autoevolution
EcoBoost-Engined Ford Focus ST Now Available With Mountune m330 Power Upgrade
As you’re well aware, the Focus is all-new in Europe while the U.S. makes do without it.

Also available with two high-performance options, the Focus can use a little more suck-squeeze-bang-blow based on the precedent set by the previous generation in Focus RS flavor.

Ignoring the EcoBlue-engined turbo diesel that defeats the purpose of a go-faster hatchback, the FoST with the EcoBoost 2.3-liter option develops 280 PS (276 horsepower) and 420 Nm (310 pound-feet) of torque. For £599, Mountune is willing to bump up those ratings by 50 PS and 95 Nm while offering 12 months or 12,000 miles of warranty.

The British specialist quotes an acceleration time of 5.2 seconds to 60 miles per hour with the six-speed manual transmission, which is pretty reasonable for a front-wheel-drive hatchback. Mountune's upgrade consists of the SMARTflash EVI Bluetooth OBD adapter, the mTune SMARTflash app for Android or iOS, a high-flow panel air filter, some badging, and a zip-up shell case. No fewer than three calibrations are offered, namely Stock, Performance, and the Anti-Theft mode that's designed to immobilize the vehicle.

No-lift shift optimization and an enhanced exhaust overrun are two other highlights, joined by a "quiet sport mode" that needs no explanation to understand what it's meant for. "We're delighted to finally launch the m330 package, enhancing power and performance to what is an already great car," said Alec Pell-Johnson, the director of Mountune.

The tuner's website lists a few other OEM-like upgrades for the FoST, including 8.5- by 19-inch Fifteen52 Podium and Fifteen52 Chicane alloy wheels at 295 pounds sterling per piece, colored gear knobs at 59 pounds, and dynamic side splash graphics at 84 for four sections.

Turning our attention back to the Focus ST, care to guess how much money the Ford Motor Company wants for it? Over in the United Kingdom, the diesel will set you back £29,495 at the very least while the EcoBoost costs £31,995. To put those recommended retail prices into perspective, you can pick the Mercedes-Benz A 250 hatchback for the same kind of money.

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