German Tuned Ford Mustang Gets 705 Supercharged Horsepower

6 years, 3 months ago - 14 June 2017, Motor1
German Tuned Ford Mustang Gets 705 Supercharged Horsepower
GME Performance takes a subtle approach to bonkers horsepower.

Ever since Ford graced the Mustang with independent rear suspension and opened it to a world audience, the world has responded in favorably. The latest tuner to get in on the Mustang action is GME Performance, a German-based company in the suburbs of Leipzig that has a penchant for American performance. Already sitting in the GME garage is a 680-horsepower C7 Chevrolet Corvette, a 620-horsepower Camaro, and for the sport-utility fans, the company builds a 600-horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. It stands to reason then, that with 705 horsepower beneath its hood, the GME-Performance Mustang is certainly in good company.

Starting with a stock Mustang GT, the tuner adds a supercharger kit from Edelbrock, which aside from the blower adds an intercooler, upgraded fuel delivery system, and a custom tune to make it all work. On the other side of the engine, GME adds an in-house stainless exhaust system with a sound flap system that can open or close on the driver's command. The trick system can also open automatically to help prevent buildup in overpressure situations. The result is a Hellcat-challenging 705 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of twist from the otherwise stock 5.0-liter V8.

To manage that power, GME graces the muscular Mustang with height-adjustable coilovers that offer separate rebound and bounce damper settings. An in-house, race-derived braking system with floating discs and improved cooling is installed, along with a set of 21-inch GME FS-1 alloy wheels fitted with rubber-band spec tires.

GME's aero kit is subtle-yet-satisfying, starting with a front spoiler and side skirts that meet up with a modest diffuser at the back. The company offers a choice of four different decklid spoilers to accommodate various tastes.

Considering tuner Mustangs in the United States are as common as fast food franchises, it's nice to see a slightly different take on the popular pony car.

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