CLS Production Starts; Mercedes Says It Invented The 4-Door Coupe

6 years, 2 months ago - 25 January 2018, Motor1
CLS Production Starts; Mercedes Says It Invented The 4-Door Coupe
The hotter CLS 53 is being assembled at the same factory in Sindelfingen along with a slew of other models.

Having made its debut a couple of months ago at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the all-new CLS is now on its way to early adopters as Mercedes has kicked off series production of its Audi A7 Sportback competitor. It's being manufactured on the same assembly line as the E-Class in the sedan and wagon body styles, which makes sense considering the two models share a lot of the components. It's also the place of birth for the sportier Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 unveiled last week at the Detroit Auto Show and pictured below.

Mercedes wishes to point out its Sindelfingen plant is one of the most advanced car factories in the world by using "state-of-the-art digital production technologies." The assembly process has been optimized by implementing a clever system that can automatically detect the screwdrivers needed by an employee. At the same time, the worker has direct access to the order data and other necessary info to speed up the build process.

The E-Class and CLS are not the only two models produced in Sindelfingen considering the factory is also in charge of putting together the S-Class in all of its three flavors: sedan, coupe, and cabriolet. In addition, the Mercedes-Maybach and the Mercedes-AMG GT are assembled at the same facility where approximately 200 cars are delivered each day through the adjacent customer center.

Pressing the start button on the CLS' production was seen by Mercedes as a good opportunity to remind us the company with the three-pointed star invented the so-called "four-door coupe." It happened back in 2003 with the launch of the original CLS, though some would argue there were other sedans with swoopy rooflines before it. A relevant example would have to be the Rover P5 Mark II launched in the early 1960s and widely considered as being a coupe with four doors – if you're willing to accept this term, of course.

If you're waiting for a new CLS Shooting Brake, prepare to be disappointed as Mercedes won't make a new one. Why? Poor demand is to blame for the wagon's demise.

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