Catch Mercedes-Benz EQG On The Move While Testing On German Roads

1 year, 2 months ago - 19 April 2023, Motor1
Catch Mercedes-Benz EQG On The Move While Testing On German Roads
The all-electric G-Class will likely debut by the end of the year.

Mercedes-Benz is well underway in testing the electric G-Class. Otherwise known as the Mercedes EQG, the all-electric G-Wagon has been seen several times while testing, with the most recent one captured by YouTube's walkoARTvideos during its test run on German roads.

In the video above, you'll see the EQG stopping at an intersection while wearing its electric-themed blue camouflage, albeit, a bit different from the wraps of the prototype we've ridden in before. Of note, there's not much to discuss in regard to the EQG's design as it retains its retro boxy shape, plus it will take after the EQG Concept from 2021.

So, what do we know about the upcoming Mercedes EQG? Based on reports, recent sightings, and our first ride review experience, the off-road vehicle will retain its ladder frame chassis and be powered by four electric motors, each driving an individual wheel. The power and torque output of the motors are still kept under wraps, the estimated combined output is between 600 and 670 horsepower.

Much of the information about the batteries is unconfirmed at this point. They are said to be delivering a range of up to 310 miles on a full charge, given the G-Class's weight of around 6,600 pounds and less-than-optimal aerodynamic properties. The EQG's battery pack will likely contain at least the Mercedes EQS SUV's 108-kilowatt-hour pack. The charging time should be around 30 minutes to fill from 10 to 80 percent using a 350-kW charger.

Moreover, we also know that the EQG will feature a revolutionary range-boosting technology, courtesy of Sila Nanotechnologies. It's the first EV to use the company's Titan Silicon battery material, which has been in development for several years and is now commercially available.

This material promises a 20 percent increase in range and improved charging speeds. It is also better for the environment, producing 50 to 75 percent less CO2 during production and being able to store 10 times more charge than graphite. Sila claims that Titan Silicon is the "first market-proven safe, and clean full graphite anode replacement engineered for mass scale to dramatically boost EV performance."

The Mercedes-Benz EQG will likely make its debut by the end of the year to be sold as a 2024 model year.

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