Bentley Sells Over 15,000 Units in 2022, the Bentayga SUV Leads the Charge

1 year, 3 months ago - 11 January 2023, autoevolution
Bentley Sells Over 15,000 Units in 2022, the Bentayga SUV Leads the Charge
For the first time in the 100-plus year history of the company that established humble beginnings in Cricklewood, North London, back in 1919, Bentley has recorded yearly sales of over 15,000 of its ultra-luxury automobiles.

In total, the subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, now headquartered in Crewe, England, sold 15,174 of its "extraordinary" cars in 2022, a period of economic tumult in the industry and frankly, throughout all industries.

The company attributes the 4% increase over the 2021 numbers (14,659 units sold) to several factors, including the introduction of new models, escalating demand for the Mulliner personalization, and the new Bentley Hybrid models that are integral to the company's Bentley’s Beyond100 strategic path to full electrification by 2030.

Bentley's seven-year-old Bentayga SUV established itself as the most successful luxury SUV in the world and accounted for an admirable 42% of overall sales. The Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible took a 30% slice of pie in Bentley's sales, with the performance-orientated GT Speed claiming 31% of that mix.

Sales of the four-door grand tourer Flying Spur accounted for 28% of sales on the balance sheet with the Flying Spur Hybrid making up a third of that percentage. Interestingly enough, UK buyers swallowed up a global-leading two-thirds of the Flying Spur Hybrids.

Despite the UK numbers on the new Flying Spur Hybrid, the Americas maintain their grip on the majority of Bentley sales and reached levels never before seen. It seems every rapper, actor, and anyone with a pocket full of dead presidents is rolling around the streets of Beverly Hills and South Beach to the tune of 28% (an increase of less than 1% from 2021) of overall Bentley sales figures.

The Asian market which is usually a strong performer for the luxury brand was off by 9%, but still managed to represent 24% of sales moving to 3,655 compared with 4,033 last year.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors had this to say about 2021: “In what was another year of unpredictability, the business overcame significant headwinds and demonstrated great resilience to deliver the third consecutive record sales year."

The reaction to the market introduction of our hybrid models, Flying Spur joining Bentayga last year, demonstrate the path the luxury sector is heading, and we are positioned firmly at the forefront. These numbers are validation that we not only lead the sector in sales and market share, but also investment in electric technologies and commitment to being net carbon neutral in 2030.”
It appears that 2023 is shaping up to be another banner year for Bentley with strong order books for the Bentayga in Hybrid and Extended Wheelbase (EWB) variants. The company is currently represented by 241 dealers located in 65 countries around the world.

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