All-New Sleek Designed Toyota Prius Unveiled in Europe but as a Plug-In Hybrid Only

2 months, 1 week ago - 17 November 2022, autoevolution
2023 Toyota Prius
2023 Toyota Prius
Having pioneered the plunge into environmentally friendly hybrid cars, you’d expect the 5th generation of the Toyota Prius to take its proper form as a fully-electric car.

But the Japanese automaker has pulled off the wraps on the all-new Prius in Europe, exclusively as a Hybrid plug-in for the region.

Based on the second-generation GA-C platform, the fifth-generation Toyota Prius will only be available in the European market as a PHEV. The announcement comes days after the European Commission presented its proposal for Euro 7 Standards to drive the deployment of zero-emission vehicles in the region.

“The new generation, which will be available exclusively as a Plug-in Hybrid in Europe, takes the next step in that journey,” Toyota Europe said in a statement.

The all-new Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid packs a 2-liter gas-powered engine and an electric motor that delivers 220 hp (223 ps). The gas engine makes 148 hp (142 ps), while the electric motor produces 160 hp (162 ps).

Compared to the outgoing model, the 5th generation Prius has a 50% improvement in range thanks to a bigger 13.6 kWh battery.

That’s not all. To maximize efficiency, the new Prius will also generate clean energy through solar cells installed on the roof. Add its unique exterior design with smooth, elegant lines, and the Prius PHEV will bolt from 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in 6.7 seconds. That’s 4.4 seconds faster than the outgoing model.

The new Toyota Prius PHEV is more visually appealing than the current generation. It’s hard not to notice its sleeker silhouette, thinner LED lights, and aerodynamically streamlined body for optimum road performance and fuel efficiency.

“Unnecessary forms and lines were discarded, leaving a simple and clean overall design inspired by the natural flow of air,” the statement read.

On the interior, the new Prius comes with a black-themed cabin featuring a 7-inch (18-centimeter) infotainment system.

The European-spec Prius doesn’t look any different from the Japan-unveiled version. Sales of the fifth-generation Prius PHEV will begin in the spring of 2023 in Europe.

According to Automotive News, the Japanese automaker will not sell the new Prius in the United Kingdom due to the market’s preference for SUVs.

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