The new Toyota Supra sounds good in this snowy spy video

7 years, 3 months ago - 9 February 2017, Autoblog
The new Toyota Supra sounds good in this snowy spy video
We've seen quite a bit of the Toyota Supra prototype. We know that it will have many design cues from the FT-1 concept, and fans have even come up with some plausible renderings.

Something of which we haven't seen much, or rather heard, is the sound the Supra makes. That all changes with this new winter spy footage of the Supra.

The video shows the Supra out for cold weather and snow testing in camouflage similar to the last time we saw it. We see the testers having a bit of slow, sideways action, and as a result, we get a pretty clear idea of the car's exhaust note. Pleasingly, it's rather snarly, even at the relatively slow speeds and modest throttle inputs.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't reveal much else about the vehicle. We still expect the Supra to launch with a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder, which could have an inline layout or a "V" configuration, despite the testers not driving hard enough for us to hear any blow-off valves or general turbo hiss. We also don't know if the engine will be a joint development between Toyota and BMW, or if each version will use an engine from its respective automaker. Regardless, this video has us even more excited for the production model.

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