Italdesign Luxes Up Mercedes V-Class With Leather And Wood

3 vjet, 7 muaj më parë - 25 Dhjetor 2018, Motor1
Italdesign Luxes Up Mercedes V-Class With Leather And Wood
Subtle tweaks on the outside, massive changes on the inside.

After teaming up with Nissan for the insanely expensive GT-R50, Italdesign is now joining forces with Mercedes for a special version of the V-Class. Well, not quite. Actually, the famous Italian design house has partnered with a company we're sure only a few have heard of, Xingchi Automobiles. Based in China, it specializes in modifying Mercedes and Volkswagen vans and their latest project is a luxed-up V260L.

It goes by the name of "Vulcanus" and is visually distinguishable compared to a regular V-Class thanks to the body graphics and the prominent chrome trim around the greenhouse. At the front, the bumper now hosts a pair of new LED daytime running lights shaped like triangles, while the familiar Mercedes grille has received extra chrome to enable a more upscale look.

Open either of the two electrically sliding doors and you'll immediately understand most of the changes have occurred inside the cabin. Completely modified, the MPV's interior makes use of genuine leather and real wood to create a cozy atmosphere enhanced by the curtains covering all of the side windows. Aside from looking like a high-end living room, the cabin is also loaded with technology, including fingerprint recognition and the usual big screens you'll find in a tricked-out minivan.

The V-Class reimagined by Italdesign and Xingchi Automobiles also has a glass divider between the front and rear compartment to guarantee privacy when you're having an important conversation while relaxing on those comfy seats. Between those two highly adjustable seats is a touchscreen display from where the passengers can fiddle with all of the available settings.

Although primarily developed for business purposes, the upgraded Mercedes minivan can also be configured for family use as the layout of the seats is highly flexible and there are lots of ways to customize the lavish and roomy cabin according to your preferences.

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