Volkswagen Making a Golf R Wagon With Audi S4 Power That Looks Like an Alltrack

3 years, 7 months ago - 19 August 2020, autoevolution
Volkswagen Making a Golf R Wagon With Audi S4 Power That Looks Like an Alltrack
Volkswagen did try to make wagons a thing in America. You just didn't buy one and opted for the Atlas instead. We get it, but that doesn't mean the Germans can't develop the kind of hot family car they like, such as this Golf R Variant.

In Europe, the Golf SportWagen is called the Variant ever since they moved away from the Jetta nameplate seven years ago. After launching the new Golf 8 hatchback, Volkswagen is putting the final touches on the wagon. However, the R version probably won't be ready until the end of the year.

Without some kind of petition, the chances of this coming to the U.S. of A. are 0%. Volkswagen has already decided to pull both the normal Golf wagon and the Alltrack due to slow sales. In addition, the Golf 8 generation isn't ready for consumption either.

Focusing our attention back on the spyshots, we notice quite a puzzling prototype. It's got a black body kit at the bottom, so you'd think it's an Alltrack. However, several expensive performance components have been fitted, which don't belong on the soft-roader.

For example, the bigger performance brakes can be identified by their blue grabbers. And at the back, we see the trademark four exhaust pipes of an R model. The exhaust system itself is a 4-1-2 (2 mufflers), so it's different from the hatchback, but it was like that on the previous generation as well.

The engine connected to those mufflers is obviously still going to be a 2.0 TSI. Four turbocharged cylinders are obviously going to deliver more power than the previous generation. We're thinking it's either 316 hp, like the Arteon R, or 329 hp, as an older leak suggested. It could also be both, as Volkswagen likes to make those "Performance Packs," and milk their customers' bank accounts dry.

In case you forgot, 333 hp (really, it was 329) was the output of the Audi S4 from about 2008 until early 2016.

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