Mercedes X-Class Muscles Up With Tuner Widebody

6 years, 5 months ago - 14 December 2017, Motor1
Mercedes X-Class Muscles Up With Tuner Widebody
A tuner's take on AMG styling.

Prior Design is among the first to take a stab at customizing the Mercedes X-Class by developing a series of aftermarket parts meant to transform the pickup truck into a more aggressive workhorse. They've decided to go with the top-of-the-range Power trim level and swap out the standard alloys for a black set developed in-house.

The body changes begin at the front where the Nissan Navara-based pickup can be fitted with a redesigned bumper hosting significantly larger air vents and a horizontal LED strip on each side to serve as the daytime running lights. The bumper appears to boast vents at its extremities and it has been teamed up with a spoiler lip, which probably won't take too long until it will be damaged should you take the X-Class off road. Prior Design has also given the front grille a menacing black look and can do the same thing to the standard bumper by painting in matte black the shiny chrome underguard.

Moving on to the sides, the X-Class can be customized with a set of bulging fenders making the wheel arches stand out for a more muscular look. At the back, the redesigned bumper has a pair of cutouts to make room for the exhaust tips (hopefully those are real) flanking a pseudo diffuser to send out a somewhat sporty vibe.

While the chances of a full-fat AMG version of Mercedes' posh pickup are slim, the company has admitted it might give the X-Class an AMG styling kit for those looking to spice up the Mercedes of pickups. The most suitable version to receive the AMG treatment would be the V6 model providing 258 horsepower (190 kilowatts) and 550 Newton-meters (405 pound-feet) of torque delivered to a 4Matic setup with help from a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

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