Lowered Audi RS6 Scrapes While Leaving Car Meet, Sparks Fly

2 years, 2 months ago - 29 November 2020, autoevolution
Lowered Audi RS6 Scrapes While Leaving Car Meet, Sparks Fly
There was a time when extreme stance changes were reserved for older models that needed to stay fresh, but that era is now behind us.

These days, it's not uncommon for some of the first owners of a particular performance machine to take the car from the dealership straight to a shop performing the said modding. As such, it shouldn't surprise you to see this C8 Audi RS6 (heck, this is already the second model year) lowered to heaven/hell and back.

Here's another aspect that's normal nowadays: this particular example was caught on camera while scraping earlier in the fall, and everybody rolled with it, including the tuner the massaged the vehicle. The Instagram video showcasing the moment, which awaits you at the bottom of the story, comes from the developer itself.

The 600 horsepower wagon looks like it was in the company of other performance machines when its driver stepped on the loud pedal (more on this below), with the belly of the beast touching the German asphalt just moments later, sending sparks flying everywhere.

Now, that fully unleashed soundtrack of the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 animating the RS6 comes via an exhaust supplied by Akrapovic. What about the suspension, though? Well, as aftermarket developer Gepfeffert, who is behind the project, explains in the description of the post, the list of ingredients is simple.

We're dealing with a sportier factory setup, which skips the air springs for coil units. And the latter, a set of V3 coilovers, now come from German developer KW. However, you should know that the setup seen here doesn't mean the car has to fly so low all the time: the Audi also sports HLS4 hydraulic lifters, with these allowing the driver to increase the ground clearance (both axles are included).

"What about the wheels?" I hear you asking. Well, the RS6 sits on three-piece MB Design units that come in a 22-inch size. You know, for the daily task of turning heads.

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