Kia Set To Reveal Mystery Model, Might Be the EV4

6 months, 2 weeks ago - 5 October 2023, autoevolution
Kia Set To Reveal Mystery Model, Might Be the EV4
Kia will present three new small- to medium-sized electric models on the EV Kia Day, set to take place in Korea this October.

The mystery concept cars will preview upcoming production models. But there is also a production model that will be unveiled at the event. And that should be the EV4 sub-compact crossover. 

Kia came up with a photo of five cars in a shadow against a lit background. Their silhouettes are all in black, but we can identify the new entries by their daytime running lights.

The group includes the upcoming Kia EV5 in the middle, the already existing EV6 GT (first one from the left), and the seven-seat EV9 flagship. But the shadowy photo made public by Kia shows two more models that are yet to be revealed.

The flagship SUV starts at $54,900 in the United States. For the money, customers get the single-motor version with 215 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.

Launched at the Chengdu Motor Show back in August, the EV5 is still a mystery. However, we do know that it rides on the E-GMP platform and follows the design lines of the concept that previewed it.

The compact crossover measures 181.7 inches (4,615 millimeters) in length and has a 108.3-inch (2,750-millimeter) wheelbase, which places it as an electric alternative to the Kia Sportage. The brand has not released the specs of the model yet, except for the Chinese version, and it will probably happen during the upcoming event.

The lineup of electric cars shown by Kia in the photo also includes two new concept cars. One of them should be the upcoming EV4 sub-compact SUV, which is – from what we have seen in the spy photos – similar in proportions to the ICE-powered Kia Stonic. The EV4 will slot below the EV5 in the Asian carmaker's lineup and should be unveiled on October 12 as a 2025 model year.

The model will likely come with a single-motor setup and will sport two-wheel drive, a common solution in the segment. A very competitive segment, that is, in which the model has to slot below the $30,000 mark to be able to snatch customers from bestsellers like the Peugeot e-2008 in Europe, for instance.

There is yet another low-slung four-door coupe or high-ride sedan with vertical DRLs. The Korean carmaker reveals plans regarding “three new small- to medium-sized electric models.”

On EV Kia Day, the carmaker will also give a glimpse of its global EV vision and strategy. The event is set to take place in Yeoju, Korea, on October 12, and the carmaker is planning to make it an annual tradition. The company will thus get the chance to showcase the upcoming models, concept cars, and technologies. 

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