How big is a Formula 1 Mercedes car?

6 years, 6 months ago - 8 November 2017, motorsport
How big is a Formula 1 Mercedes car?
The true scale of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship-winning Mercedes W08 is revealed in this video from Motorsport TV’s weekly show The Flying Lap.

In this week's episode, our 3D animation team gives a world premiere of its full-scale F1 car – which appears in Motorsport Network's UK office in Richmond-upon-Thames.

This allows presenter Peter Windsor and technical editor Craig Scarborough to walk around the car and take a closer look. They also show off an x-ray view of the driver's position, as well as what the Halo cockpit protection device will look like.

"The Mercedes is over 5.7 metres long, it's two metres wide," says Scarborough. "Trying to put that into context, you can see how big this car is, but this Formula 1 Mercedes is bigger in length and in width than the S-Class road car."

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