Harley-Davidson Breakout Shines Pure in All the Right Shades of Black

2 months, 1 week ago - 27 September 2022, autoevolution
Harley-Davidson Breakout Shines Pure in All the Right Shades of Black
The Harley-Davidson Breakout is one of the most appreciated motorcycle models made over in Milwaukee.

And we’re not talking solely about civilian customers who like to purchase and use them, but also by custom shops who are happy to take them in and convert them in better versions of themselves.

It’s true, the Breakout craze in the custom industry seems to have faded a bit, perhaps on account of the model getting a bit old amid the relatively large number of new two-wheelers the American bike maker has been introducing over the past few years. But custom Breakouts we haven’t seen before keep popping up, and we kind of feel obliged to bring to your attention.

The bike was put together inside the facilities of a French specialist called Melk, with the starting idea being to “make the Breakout as elegant as possible while keeping the original sissy bar and rear fender.”

Riding on multi-spoke wheels of undisclosed size, the Breakout stands proud, tall or low, depending on mood, thanks to an adjustable lowering kit. It shows a purer profile, as the shop claims, both at the front, thanks to the smoothing of the tank, and further back, with the inclusion of a short KessTech exhaust system. It also looks more intent on account of the LED lights used front and back, including for the turn signals.

Because Melk is first and foremost a paint specialist, the Vivid Black color the American bike maker shipped the bike in was kept, but not left alone. It was instead treated to a gloss varnish which in the right light makes the machine shine in particularly beautiful tones.

The motorcycle is one of Melk’s older builds (number seven in its portfolio), but can still be made upon customer request. What we do not know is how much the French garage charges for such a conversion.

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