BMW X6 Facelift Spied Hiding Small Changes In A Snowy Wonderland

2 years, 3 months ago - 10 February 2022, Motor1
BMW X6  Spy Photo
BMW X6 Spy Photo
The biggest difference will likely be inside the swoopy crossover.

The third-generation BMW X6 debuted midway through 2019, so the automaker is on track for a mid-cycle refresh of its slope-roofed crossover. We caught an X6 test vehicle nearly a year ago, but it was hiding interior updates beneath the same skin as the current model. Now, we have our first legitimate look at changes happening outside, and it seems there aren't many.

 Camouflage on this snow-bound prototype is relegated solely to the front. The grille doesn't appear to grow or change shape, but looking close it could be slightly wider. It looks like there's a bit more space separating the openings, but that could be the camouflage doing its job of keeping us guessing. However, narrower headlights are clearly seen, which means changes to the fascia are also coming. The camo wrap does a good job of hiding details, but the corner vents could get some angles versus the squared-off openings of the current X6. The central vent down low could change, too.

The rest of the car is free of coverings, save for the badge between the taillights hiding the crossover's identity (as if the grille didn't give it away). There are no changes at the rear or along the sides, so it seems the refresh will indeed be mild. That is, except for the interior.

We don't have new photos showing the X6 on the inside, but the above image from last year shows a single curved display unit with two digital screens, one for instrumentation and the other being a larger center touchscreen. The update will require some design changes to the dash, and we also know iDrive8 is coming for the X6 so expect some control tweaks there as well.

As for an official reveal, we have conflicting reports that it could happen later this year as a 2023 model or next year for the 2024 model year. In either case, there's still some time before the next X6 becomes official.

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