2025 Audi S3 teased, lots of changes beneath the latest camo

3 months ago - 22 February 2024, Autoblog
2025 Audi S3
2025 Audi S3
More output, quicker power delivery, and better dynamics to start

We'd almost believe Audi teases prototype products because it loves coming up with new camouflage schemes. Audi sent a 2025 S3 prototype to strut the asphalt tarmac in Oman and show off this little spring/summer camouflage in monochrome and pumpkin. Thankfully, the Ingolstadt automaker also provided a few highlights about what's under this sticky skin. Starting with the words enthusiasts love to hear, there's more power from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Kicking the horse count up by 23 and torque by 15 pound-feet would take peak performance in our market to 329 hp and 310 lb-ft, if that's what we end up getting, matching Europe's Volkswagen Golf R 333 numbers.

The even more appealing words for enthusiasts are that changes to the engine and drivetrain should mean more pliant application of the extra power. A "preloaded" turbo is said to ensure "more spontaneous power delivery." Stronger clutch actuation in the seven-speed S-tronic gearbox allows takeoff at higher torque values, for quicker acceleration. On top of that, the engine's run at higher rpm at idle and under partial load when in regular Drive mode, for quicker response if the driver hits the throttle. Shift changes under full load happen in half the time needed in the current S3, and upshifts come later, downshifts earlier when hard on it. 

Audi installed the multi-clutch rear axle torque splitting system from the RS3 which, combined with the new Dynamic Plus mode and returned stability control, should equal more peppiness out back and less understeer in front. Additional mechanical improvements come with the new front knuckles that double negative camber of the front wheels, worked by stiffer wishbones, all for better cornering grip. There's a variable-rate steering rack, larger, more powerful front brakes with two-piston calipers, and two new 19-inch Falken tires sized the same 235/35 as the current S3's optional 19-inch hoop, but sportier. 

After all that, look for the usual tweaks to the Singleframe grille and mesh, bumpers, exterior lights, and diffuser. The reveal happens later this year, expect the goodies to exert measurable upward pressure on the current S3's $48,495 base price.

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