2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB Facelift Gets Spied While Driving Through Winter Wonderland

1 year, 4 months ago - 31 December 2022, Autoblog
2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB Facelift Gets Spied While Driving Through Winter Wonderland
Mercedes-Benz is working on a restyled version of the GLB, which is set to get an update in 2023 for the 2024 model year.

The prototype of the facelifted GLB was spotted by our spy photographers, and it looks like Rose Gold is set to stay among the colors offered in the line-up. Also, isn't it a bold color for a prototype? We can neither say that we hate it nor love it, but it does not look as awful as you might think.

In a way, it might be due to the winter wonderland where it is being tested, which might make everything look better. Look at it this way: usually, we see camouflaged prototypes in black, white, or both, and a specific vinyl wrap that tries to deceive the eyes.

Now, we have a Rose Gold colored Mercedes-Benz GLB facelift, and we have been tricked into thinking it is cool-looking because it is nothing like the other prototypes. Well, it may be so, or it may be just a matter of perception.

Regardless of the exterior color, we do get to see what will change on the GLB with the facelift that will be revealed next year. First, we spot a new front bumper, along with a redesigned grille. The headlights also feature a new shape, while their internal graphics are currently blacked out, and they may remain this way on the production model.

The test team, along with the engineers behind the development of the vehicle have opted for some of the smallest wheels in the range, which come in the form of ten-spoke alloys finished in black.

The latter part provides an interesting contrast with the exterior of the vehicle, but it also leads to making the wheels look smaller. However, we would go for small wheels to get the most comfort out of the GLB, if we were to get one for ourselves.

The profile of the German SUV looks unchanged, as is usually the case with a facelift, but the rear hatch, as well as the taillights, are covered in camouflage.

The taillights have a full LED configuration, and they look wider than the ones featured on the current GLB, but it may just be a styling tweak with the interior graphics, as facelifts these days do not involve enlarging taillights because it requires changes to the stamping machine that makes the rear quarter panels, and such changes are considered expensive by automakers.

Even if we squint our eyes painfully hard after zooming in on the rear exhaust ornaments, we still cannot notice if they are fake or not. As a reference, the current GLB has two fake exhaust tip ornaments that look just like the ones in the pictures in the photo gallery, and many people have given the three-pointed star flak for attempting to trick the eyes of the viewer.

Expect the engine range to come with the same units as found on the GLB today, but with minor improvements here and there, as well as offering increased electrification for the ICE models. The electric brother of the GLB is expected to receive the same styling changes as its ICE brother.

The GLB facelift should arrive in the range later next year, presumably after the A-Class, GLA, and CLA have their facelifts revealed, so Summer 2023 is the most likely time for the debut of the production model based on this prototype. On the other hand, it looks ready today, so it may be unveiled even sooner.

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