Fiat Quietly Unveils First-Ever 600e Electric SUV in Support of a Good Cause

10 months ago - 13 June 2023, autoevolution
Fiat 600e
Fiat 600e
As far as we know, the 2024 Fiat 600e is a subcompact crossover SUV destined to sit next to the 500X model starting on July 4 this year, when it's due for its official unveiling.

But the Italian automaker decided to honor the World Meeting on Human Fraternity "Not Alone" with an all-electric fleet of cars and a short video premiering the 600e well in advance.

Fiat's next pocket-sized crossover is not necessarily a direct successor to the 500X because the Italians will keep them side-by-side at least during next year. Still, it's clearly a chip off the old 500 and 500X block because it mimics the New 500 (aka 500e) in terms of styling with a large '600' badge up front and the same circular headlights. It also shares many components with other small SUVs from Stellantis – including the newly introduced Jeep Avenger plus the already traditional Opel Mokka, Peugeot 2008, or DS Automobiles DS 3.

This means that we already know the technology – it's primarily based on the E-CMP architecture and will offer the iconic, modern 500 styling in a larger, family-friendly package emphasizing sustainability and zero emissions. Naturally, since the front badge doesn't say '600e,' there is also a chance that, just like its siblings, it might feature some ICE-powered variants further down the road. Until then, though, we should look at the larger footprint, five-door body style, longer wheelbase than a New 500, and obviously the more generous ground clearance.

And while we are not yet on July 4 for the alleged official reveal that coincides with the 65th anniversary of the original 500, Fiat has spilled the beans on purpose – and all by itself. At least it was all for a good cause – the company is rallying behind the World Meeting on Human Fraternity "Not Alone" organized by Vatican's Fondazione "Fratelli Tutti" in St. Peter's Square in Rome on June 10.

On that occasion, the event was supported by an all-electric fleet with 500e, E-Doblo, and the Fiat E-Ulysse – while social media was treated to a special video called 'Open Doors.' Akin to the film's name, the new 600e "opens its doors to people during the first stops on its global tour" in places like Hiroshima, Buenos Aires, Accra, and Jerusalem, plus Rome – of course.

As far as we can tell from the promotional material, which is not the first time we have seen the 600e in all its glory and uncamouflaged, the new model is a blend of 500e styling with unique design elements like the headlight 'eyelashes.' Also, it premieres a fresher interior arrangement that is still reminiscent of the glorious past while using all the available technology entirely to its advantage. As for technical details, the company has remained mum on sharing any advance ideas, but if this is indeed the Jeep Avenger's EV twin, then we are looking at a powertrain with one electric motor rocking some 154 hp and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft), powered by a 54-kWh battery pack. 

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