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2018' ATV

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  • 2018 ATV në Tiranë, Shqipëri
  • 2018 ATV në Tiranë, Shqipëri
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Trupi: Të tjera
Kushtet:I ri
Kilometrazhi:5 km
Transmision: Mekanike, 5 marsha
Ngjyra e jashtme:Gri
Ngas:Boshti Kardanit
Goditje pistoni:piston 4-kohësh
Frenat e parme:Disku
Frenat e pasme:Disku
Kapaciteti sarbatorit:1400 litrat
Klasa e emetimit:Euro 5
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We present you the unrivaled all-terrain vehicle – SHERP. It impress everyone with its off-road performance and demonstrates an absolutely new level of all terrain vechicles.
Sherp can easily overcome boulders, fallen trees, and other obstacles up to 70 cm high. It floats perfectly, can easily pass marshes and deep snow and is able to move out of the water onto the ice. This trouble-free machine repeatedly gets us to areas where no man has stepped gone before.
It has been designed and created to be used in most demanding climate and terrain. It is reliable and indispensable assistance for rescuers, geologists, oil-industry workers, hunters, and all the rest who desire to subjugate wild terrains in the most severe weather conditions.
Searching for people in hard to reach areas, for example in swamps;
Rescuing people on the ice – the ability to quickly reach the victims;
Rescue operations during floods, overcoming various obstacles;
Moving over the heap of trees after passing hurricanes;
Power engineering – for repairs of power grids in hard-to-reach places, floodplains, etc.;
Geology – to conduct research in areas where ordinary vehicles cannot cope (wetland, water, difficult access, etc.);
Gas pipelines – for example to control the tightness of the gas pipeline – Sherp makes it possible to move along the gas pipeline regardless of the surface;
And many others…
Border guards
Enthusiasts for off-road driving;

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